Current activities
2004-pres.      PhD student in Psychology at the University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom.
                       Teaching Assistant (Statistical Methods; Psychobiology).

2001-2002     M.Sc., Computational Linguistics - University of Amsterdam - The Netherlands [courses,UvA, Master's Program]
1996-2000     B.Sc., Major in Neuroscience - University of  Sao Paulo - Brazil [courses, USP, Molecular Sciences]
1998-1999     Exchange Program at McGill University, Montreal, Canada [courses, McGill, Minor in Neuroscience]

Work experience
2002-2004    Programmer at the Bioinformatics Group of the Phytopathogen Genomics Laboratory (University of São Paulo)
                     • CGI/Perl programming;
                     • System administration for Local Area Network (Linux);
                     • Database management (PostgreSQL,MySQL) for biological data
2000-2001    Journalist and copydesk editor at Folha de S. Paulo ( [some articles (in Portuguese)]

Research Experience
2001-2002     University of Amsterdam - Department of Computational Linguistics
                      Graduate research student in Computational Linguistics
                      Supervisor: Dr. Khalil Sima´an
                       - Theoretical investigation of probability estimators for Data-Oriented Parsing models
                       - Development and implementation of new estimation procedure for DOP models
                         using Python programming language

1999-2000     University of São Paulo - Faculty of Medicine - Institute of   Psychiatry
                       Undergraduate research assistent in Cognitive Neuroscience
                      Supervisor: Dr. Claudio L.N. Guimaraes dos Santos
                       -Theoretical investigation on the neurobiological basis of inference processing
                          (both deductive and inductive)  by normal subjects
                       - Introduction to High-Resolution EEG

Research results
-Buratto, L. & Lamberts, K. (in press). List-strength effect without list-length effect in recognition memory.
  Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. [.pdf]

-Sima'an, K. & Buratto, L. (2003). Backoff parameter estimation for the DOP model.
  Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Machine Learning: ECML'03), 2837, 373-384. [.ps .pdf]

-Buratto, L. (2002). Backoff as parameter estimation for DOP models.
  In D. de Jongh (Ed.), Master of Logic Series (MoL-2002-07), Amsterdam: ILLC,
  University of Amsterdam. [.ps .pdf]

-Deductive reasoning - a review of  PET studies (poster) - 8º International Symposium of
  Undergraduate Research of University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil,  November, 2000.

-Review on the neurobiological basis of deductive reasoning [.doc],
  technical report submitted  to National Research Council (CNPq), August, 2000.

-Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship from the University of Warwick.
  September 2004/September 2007.

-Overseas Research Students Award Scheme from Universities UK.
  September 2004/September 2007.

-University Fellowship Program from the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation
  in Higher Education (Nuffic). September 2001/November 2002.

-Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq).
 August 1999/August 2000.

-Exchange Program at McGill University from the "Conférence des Recteurs et des  Principaux
  des Universités du Québec" (Crepuq). September 1998/April  1999.

-Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq).
 August 1996/August 1998.

Language skills
Portuguese: native
English: very good spoken, written and read  (IELTS score: 8, range: 0-9)
Spanish: good spoken and read, adequate written
French: adequate spoken, written and read

Computers skills
Unix (Linux (debian), IRIX, Tru64) and Windows operating systems
PostgreSQL and MySQL database management system
Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Latex and HTML
Python, Perl, JavaScript (CGI) programming languages
(Previous experience with Scheme (Lisp) and C)

Reading, wine-tasting, travelling and hiking.

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Prof. Koen Lamberts
Department of Psychology, University of Warwick

Dr. Khalil Sima´an
Department of Computational Linguistics, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Saulo Maciel de Barros
Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo

Dr. Claudio L.N. Guimaraes dos Santos
Institute of Psychiatry, Clinicas Hospital, University of Sao Paulo

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