Commented University Transcript

Issued by University of Sao Paulo
Name: Luciano Grüdtner Buratto

- University Transcript (96-00):
  Course: Molecular Sciences
  Degree: B.Sc.

   The Molecular Sciences Course lasts four years.  Mandatory courses are taken during the first two years (Basic Cycle).
   During the last two years (Advanced Cycle), the student  is required to take courses related to his research activities. The
   undergraduate research activities are supervised by a tutor (university researcher or professor).

    Basic Cycle - First Year

    - Winter-Spring term/96 (August-November)

    Biology 1 (Biochemistry)
    Physics 1 (Mechanics)
    Mathematics 1 (Integration and Differentiation)
    Chemistry 1 (Analytic Chemistry)
    Computer Science 1 (Linux, C)

    - Fall-Winter term/97 (March-July)

    Biology 2 (Cell Biology)
    Physics 2 (Thermodynamics)
    Mathematics 2 (Differential Eq., Vector Algebra)
    Chemistry 2 (Inorganic Chemistry)
    Computer Science 2 (C++)
    Introduction to Cell Biology (Lab. Course)

    Basic Cycle - Second Year

    - Winter-Spring term/97 (August-November)

    Introduction to Molecular Biology (Lab. Course)
    Biology 3 (Developmental and Molecular Biology)
    Physics 3 (Electromagnetism)
    Mathematics 3 (Vector Field Diff. Equations)
    Chemistry 3 (Organic Chemistry)
    Computer Science 3 (Numerical Analysis, Fortran)

    - Fall-Winter term/98 (March-July)

    Biology 4 (Endocrinology and Immunology)
    Physics 4 (Quantum Mechanics)
    Mathematics 4 (Mult. Var. Integrals, Complex Analysis, Probability)
    Chemistry 4 (Quantum Chemistry)
    Computer Science 4 (Numerical Analysis, Fortran)

     Advanced Cycle - Third Year

      I have studied Neurosciences at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, during the third year.

      Advanced Cycle - Fourth Year (Back to University of Sao Paulo)

       - Winter-Spring term/99 (August-November)

       Undergrad Research I (Iniciacao Cientifica) 1
       Logic II (Predicate Calculus)
       Linguistics II (Phonetics, Syntax, Semantics)
       Statistics II (Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA)

        - Fall-Winter term/00 (March-August)

        Undergrad Research II
        Introduction to Sociology
        Psychology of Learning (Cognitive Psychology)
        General Psychopathology I
        General Psychology I

1Research on the neurobiology of deductive and inductive reasoning,
  supervised by Dr. Claudio L.N. Guimaraes dos Santos.

Four Year Weighed Average: 8.5

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