LMP-ng is a music player for the Nintendo DS. It started after Lick discontinued the work on the original Licks Media Player.


LMP-ng is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


LMP-ng is compiled with DLDI libfat support. For more information on DLDI, please visit chishm DLDI page.


Since version 2 alpha, you also need to copy the skins in order to use LMP-ng. The skins must be copied to a directory /lmp-ng/skins and at least the default.zip skin should be copied.


Latest stable

Latest unstable

Older versions:

Version History

LMP-ng 2 alpha

Compiling LMP-ng

To compile LMP-ng you'll need devkitARM r20, libnds, libfat, libmad and libid3tag, Tremor, zlib and libFLAC.

You'll also needto apply these patches against libid3tag, Tremor and libFLAC.

If you don't want compile the libraries yourself, you can download precompiled binaries and just link against LMP-ng source.


If you have any questions or want to submit patches, email me: lgadani@gmail.com.

If you want to help this project, by coding, writing documentation, making skins / creating art or anything that you think it may be useful, you should also email me! Every help is appreciated!